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The GRACE Cancer Foundation, a registered non-profit organization based in India, was born from a vision to combat the impact of cancer. Our mission encompasses Education, Early detection, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and cutting-edge Research, with a commitment to reaching those in need. We offer CURE, CARE, and COMPASSION, shining a beacon of hope, empathy, and support.

Our journey began with a dedicated group of doctors stepping beyond their duties, evolving into a harmonious team. We firmly believe that where there is vision, provision follows. Passionate doctors and humanitarians joined forces to realize this vision.

Our motivation stems from personal experiences, as many of us have seen loved ones battle cancer. Dr. Chinnababu’s mother, Smt. Asheerwadamma, inspired our mobile screening campaign, a testament to the power of suffering uniting people and giving purpose.

Along the way, like-minded philanthropists and organizations generously supported our cause. We’ve transformed from an NGO into a transformative social enterprise, gaining 12A and 80G income tax exemptions in 2014. In 2018, we achieved FCRA registration, enabling us to receive Foreign Donations.

At GRACE, our vision fuels us, and our commitment to combating cancer remains unwavering. Together, we illuminate lives with hope, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of a cancer-free world.

Our Journey




International Cancer, Screening Camp in Freetown Sierra leone


First Mobile Screening Bus


Guinness World Records For Breast & Cervical Cancer


Second Mobile Screening Bus


Third Mobile Screening Bus & First Edition of GCR


4th Mobile Screening Bus & Guinness World Record For Oral Cancer Awareness


2 Guinness World Records For Cancer Awareness & Grace Cancer Run goes Global - 50K Participants


4th Edition of Global Grace Cancer Run,  Project Ashray, 5th Mobile Screening Bus & Global Grace Health Launched


5th Edition of Global Grace Cancer Run, 3 Covid ICU Projects, Mobile Covid Vaccination Drive & Sixth Mobile Screening Bus

Core Values



We are committed to improving the quality of life for cancer patients, advancing research, and promoting early detection and prevention, all while fostering a community of strength, resilience, and compassion.



Our vision at Grace Cancer Foundation is where every individual facing cancer receives the best possible care, emotional support, striving for a future where cancer’s impact is minimized.

Our Achievements



Dr. Prameela Rani

Categories: Founder

Dr.Prameela Rani Sunkavalli is a practicing Dentist. She did her masters in Clinical Trials and currently working as a management representative in ClinSync CRO. She is a founder and trustee of Grace Cancer Foundation, who conducted 590 Mobile Cancer screening camps and educated women for self-breast examination and self-hygiene for women in preventing cervical cancer. She is also part of conducting great camp in 3000 women for self-breast examination and won Guinness world record.


Dr. Chinnababu

Categories: Founder

Dr. Chinnababu Sunkavalli is a Clinical Director and Senior Consultant Robotic Surgical Oncologist in Yashoda Hospitals, Hitech City, Hyderabad. He has a wide experience in the field of Oncology. His expertise helps the foundation conduct various camps and awareness programs reaching out especially to the section of society where people cannot afford treatment and medication. He firmly believes in celebrating God’s goodness and love.


Shri. B L Sujatha Rao

Categories: Founder

Sri. B L Sujatha Rao is a retired IGP. In this tenure in the Police Department he served in various capacities in the Law & Order, Criminal Investigation, Anti-Corruption Bureau and Railway Department. For this meritorious service he received the India Police Medal.

Advisory Board

Shri. Prasad Garapati

Categories: Advisory Board

Rev. Dr. Samuel Kiran

Categories: Advisory Board

Shri. Rajeev Lal

Categories: Advisory Board

Dr. Nori Dattatreyudu

Categories: Advisory Board

Professor and Director of the Cancer Center – Presbyterian Hospital /Queens – Weill Cornell Medical College, New York

Mohammed Alam Khan

Categories: Advisory Board

Shri. Ajay Misra

Categories: Advisory Board

IAS, Special Chief Secretary (Rtd)

Dr. Kiran Avancha

Categories: Advisory Board

Dr. Kiran Avancha is the Chief Operating Office of Honor Health Research Institute (HRI) and the Associate Vice President of Research & Innovation at Honor Health. Through his expertise in Clinical Research he continues to guide the research activities of the Foundation.

Dr. Hemanth V

Categories: Advisory Board

Dr. Hemanth Vudayaraju is a practicing Robotic Surgical Oncologist in Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad. He has a wide experience in the area of Oncology. He has special interest in minimally invasive surgery. His clinical acumen helps the foundation, serve the most needy.


Core Members

Field Champions

Sri. John Emmanuel M

Categories: Field Champions

Dr. Misbah

Categories: Field Champions

Mr. M. Jagadeesh

Categories: Field Champions

Mr. Rajesh B S

Categories: Field Champions

Mr. Joshua

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